• Your back-office business optimized.
  • Implementing of ShakeSpeare, company owners can gain many benefits which increase efficiency of their company
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Perfect solution for your legal office (Shake Legal)

Business in the legal office is becoming increasingly complicated, complex and responsible, while the lawyers require to increase their productivity. Working in a modern law office is diverse and requires a very good knowledge of all business processes. Nowadays are flexibility and transparency, without an efficient information system, almost impossible. 

What is ShakeSpeare™ - Shake Legal

System ShakeSpeare™ - Shake Legal is a complete solution, which enables  computer-enabled and automated work for any legal office. For more then 10 years legal offices and experts have helped us to  create our software suite Shake Legal.

Key benefits

Increased efficiency of your legal administration:

  • Search your cases / documents / Clients in a matter of secunds;
  • Access  reports about office matters on your mobile device and everywhere you go;
  • Centralized and secure e-Archive for your sensitive data;
  • Automated generation of all legal documents;
  • Constant development of new features and functionalities;

Increase quality of your work:

  • Work overview of your whole office;
  • Highest security standards;
  • Centralized and transparently managed legal cases;
  • Alarms via e-mails or SMS in case of an important meetings, overdues, etc.;

Technical excellence:

  • Management of your documentation within ShakeSpeare™ framework (support for all types of documents)
  • Integration into your existing system
  • Centralized work
  • High security level
  • Schedules and Task management
  • Intelligent search and “full-text search”
  • Contact management
  • Access control
  • Cost management with legal specifics
  • Archiving
  • Smart forms / and macro language support
  • Conflict of interests (on cases) detection
  • Integrated scanning of mail and integrated OCR/ICR
  • Advanced statistics
  • Invoice issuing and invoice management
  • User friendly
  • Legal Counseller
  • Mobile interface for Smart phones and Tablets

Applicable to:

  • Legal offices
  • Lawyers
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies