5 attachments, 1 system

The number of farms in Slovenia has been decreasing since the country declared independence, but purchasing tractors is still a growing trend. This Slovenian particularity is a true phenomenon. There are several reasons to buy a new tractor, with the main factors probably being the use of tractors on different terrains, for various tasks and the possibility of using different attachments. But would it not make more sense to use the same tractor on all terrains, for all the different tasks and with all attachments.

A similar, if not identical, to the tractor market is the situation happening nowadays on the software market, with software enterprises use for their business processes. An average company uses three completely different systems to perform different processes, which surely – as in the case of the tractors – is not sensible. An enormous problem ensues when different systems are not integrated with one another, and the communication between these systems is difficult or impossible.

It is therefore much more sensible to decide and purchase only one software which offers different functionalities and can be used in all segments of your business. Translated into tractor language, it is better to buy one tractor, which enables us to use all the attachments and can perform tasks on many different terrains. However, software gives us the option to integrate different systems, an endeavour much more difficult to achieve with tractors. Žejn Group has been working on integrations and holistic software solutions for over twenty years. We have developed a document system, which offers an array of functionalities useful at enterprise level, from invoice liquidation to project management, from document storage to recording activities, from tracking time use to keeping a diary of activities, the list could go on.

Though our system does not provide all the functionalities of an ERP system, our company has long since have become aware that deep integrations are the correct solution and in this way we can offer our clients the complete package where there are no difficulties when moving from system to system. With this purpose in mind we accomplished an integration three years ago with Pantheon, which offers ERP for accounting services, and this year we also implemented an integration with ERP provider Pro-Bit.

Our partners’ consumers can now easily use our document system ShakeSpeare® in their ERP systems. Translated into tractor speech, a deep integration enables the tractor to use extra attachments, which renders buying a new and expensive tractor unnecessary, as just getting the attachment is much more reasonable. Integration creates added value for the user, because the document system provider is a specialist in this field and only focuses on developing the document system, therefore, in most cases, the solution is better that purchasing a document system from an ERP provider.

We believe that 2018 is the best time to consolidate your processes and decide to implement a holistic solution, which will enable your company to reap in all programming languages your enterprise uses. To bring this into reality, we invite you to join us for a coffee, and get to know ShakeSpeare® software, which enables your business to run in a decidedly more simple and efficient way.