Days of Slovenian Lawyers

This year we again attended the Slovenian Lawyers Day event.  Žejn Group was also present in Industry 4.0 on Thursday, October 10, 2019, with the lecture “Artificial Intelligence – Assistance or Substitution for Lawyers” – which is running in parallel with technological developments.
The section touched upon the topic of technological development in everyday life (Internet of Things – IoT, Blockchain, Autonomous Vehicles, AI – Artificial Intelligence at Work) and rights and duties arising from a changing environment.

The lecture presented robotization of work in the legal sector, which improves the added value of the individual. The concepts of operation, strengths and challenges that lie ahead for the coming years were presented. The emphasis of the whole lecture was on the current state of computerization and digitization of individual law offices. Law firms that do not keep up with the times. In the future, the latter may represent a greater effort in the transition to existing technologies and may require faster adaptation to a changing environment.

We met with existing users of ShakeSpeare® solutions and services. We have established new strategic partnerships that will provide users with an even better user experience.