Coders, programmers, developers – we want you!

Are you an aspiring programmer with great ideas you think the world should know about, you speak Java fluently and want to join a team of like minded people? Are you a solution architect with a keen eye for details and want teammates that will help you achieve the peak of your career?

Be a co-creator of the amazing future that Žejn Group is writing and join CODEMANIAyour next job opportunity competition. Not only do you get to win a nice prize, you also get to know the amazing team behind it AND win yourself a great job!


Žejn Group invites you to join a top-notch tech team where you’ll gain cutting-edge knowledge transfer, stimulating reimbursement and an amazing chance for personal growth. Add to that a healthy, positive, and relaxed working environment with a dynamic work schedule and the possibility to co-create tomorrow.

What do you need to do to join them?

Apply to the competition and compete in one of the next challenges.


  1. Integrate visual editor of BPMN diagrams in Primefaces

Extend open source library diagram-js to enable our client’s full digitalization of their business processes via visual editor. Create a PrimeFaces application with an embedded database for creating BPMN 2.0 and other diagrams in a web browser.


  1. Lightning fast search query

Create a web service that will support different queries on the COVID-19 test results data. What we miss is an API that would allow us to query really fast on a big, live data set.


  1. Application architecture redesignDiscover the best architecture for our product, composed of different services, technologies, DevOps tools, etc.


Of course, every competition needs prizes and Žejn Group has thought about that too.


  • The 1st place winner – for the most complex challenge: will receive 700,00 EUR (gross) + job offer
  • The 2nd place winner – for the intermediate challenge: will receive 300,00 EUR (gross) + job offer
  • The 3rd place winner – for the easiest challenge: gets an internship offer.

Since the Organizer is growing its team other competitors that will show their skills will be invited for a job interview as well, so don’t worry if you are hesitant to apply. The same goes for the internship offering.

We know you’re already all fired up and your fingers are itching to code.
APPLY NOW and join us in the CODEMANIA competition!


WHEN: From Friday 29.01.2021 to Monday 01.02.2021

WHERE: Online – Ideascale innovation platform and Zoom for conference space.

WHO: Programmers, developers, IT enthusiasts, entrepreneurs with tech skills, innovators, tech minds, creative people – in short: YOU! Individuals, that love a good challenge and are open to a new chapter in their lives – all are welcome.

Žejn Group is constantly growing and spreading and YOU are the right person to be a part of their team.

APPLY NOW – http://bit.ly/3qxhrbR
and kickstart your professional development to another level!