ShakeSpeare® now with certified preservation at the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia

The innovative business process management and automation system ShakeSpeare® also includes certified storage from August 2021. is a product of ZZI and has the certification number e-ARS 2020/CS003 (service) and e-ARS 2020/SW011 (software), and provides seamless integration and a unified user experience for users of ShakeSpeare®. e-ARS 2020/CS003 (service) and e-ARS 2020/SW011 (software).

In this way, ShakeSpeare® ensures the legal compliance of documents and the possibility that even documents that appear in business processes can be kept in long-term certified storage. For the more demanding, we have also developed a unique functionality to reflect and transfer every activity on a process into the long-term storage system, providing an additional level of transparency and security for the most demanding.

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