ŽEJN Group

A software company ŽEJN was founded in 1993 and has 30 employees. Together with our companies (Distribution centers, Partners in various countries and Branch offices), more than 100 people are working on our product every day.

ŽEJN Group is a group of two companies (Žejn d.o.o. and PartIT d.o.o.) with a major software brand-name of ShakeSpeare®. ShakeSpeare® is intended for digitalization of Back office processes within various organizations.

We optimize your back-office procedures!

We have started with Banking industry, where we improve money flow and reduce the costs within:

– loan originating process
– legal department processes
– digitalization and restructuring of common processes (as company’s balance sheet recognition, mail room, invoice recognition etc.)

And we have transformed this knowledge to many other niches such are

– legal departments of other industry
– retail
– manufacturing
– health-care


Our mission is to supply the population with software tools which will enable individuals to focus and develop the added value of their career. Our tools are designed to empower individuals to efficiently battle with everyday tasks, which are taking up their time and focus.


We believe that with the correct application of current modern technologies we can achieve the same or even better work efficiency with only 5-6 working hours a day. In this way people will be less burdened with their work tasks, allowing them to live happier and more fulfilled lives; this will contribute to increased innovativeness and professionalism in their business lives.
Individuals will feel the positive effect brought on by modern technologies and digitalization in the next 10 years, no later than by 2030.
ŽEJN Group is on its way to becoming a global leader in mainstreaming robotization of office work with our flagship product ShakeSpeare®. ShakeSpeare® will become a global synonym for Planning, Executing and Tracking business processes in Legal, Health-Care, Manufacturing, Accounting and other industries – a synonym for enabling users to spend less time with administration and concentrating on more important tasks.

Core values

We will achieve our mission by building our organization and lives around our core values:
– Respect
– Professionalism
– Positive attitude
– Responsibility
– Commitment


Software for business efficiency.

Story and near future

Our biggest clients are ABANKA VIPA d.d., Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor d.d., Probanka d.d., ProCredit banka a.d Serbia, Sberbank a.d. Serbia, Mikrokreditna fundacija PARTNER a.d. Bosnia and Hercegovina, Merkur d.d. and many others.

In 2016 we had offices in Ljubljana, Jesenice and a small branch office in Fortaleza / Brazil. With the core team of 30 employees our major markets were South-Eastern Europe and Brazil (with external help). Our combined revenue of operational and development part increased for 5%.

In 2017 have opened offices in Munich/Germany to scale our sales in DACH (Germany, Austria, Swiss) region and to strengthen our presence in existing markets (South-Eastern Europe and Brazil). Our combined revenue of operational and development part will increase for further 25%.

Plans for 2018 could unfortunately not be yet disclosed to general public.