Digital nomads and digital citizens transform the needs of the modern banking environment.

As micro and nano influencers are pushing for digital-only experience, banks are often pressed by competition of virtual-only banks, which operate seemingly fast and with offers in innovative ways, often doing so instantly.

Innovate with robotization or because of it?

In a highly digitalized modern bank with central documents management solutions, widely spread business process management, and process governance in place, innovation thrives. Instead of long hours spent by retyping information or making your quince or sub-optimal home-bred applications work, your colleagues focus on the important thing – Business.

The complete digital environment is a perfect brewing point for any Bank to empower their process stakeholders to brainstorm and innovate with different methodologies and strategies of continuous business innovation. Why not try and test our Rapid Prototyping workshop?

Where pure robotization will just not cut it

Meanwhile, robotic process automation is a golden grail for those, who need results fast, unfortunately in a highly regulated and secured environment, business rules must not only be described but enforced and meticulously tracked.

ShakeSpeare® offers your organization an innovative fusion of Management and Governance of your bank’s business processes, hardened with business rules and enriched with automation tools. ShakeSpeare® is Business Process Automation, a next-generation tool for running your bank head-to-head against your digital competitors.

Banking processes with the highest gains

In the following life processes, we can help any Bank as our implementation teams have the most not only experienced but tangible results from other Banks, so we can evaluate Return of investments and impact:

Credit Process

Is your bank capable of supporting the Loan originating process within 10 seconds?
Credit committees, due diligence, and basic document handling can take up to several days within even the most advanced banking environments.

We have an automated and robotized way for you to not only handle Loan Originating process but to streamline it at light speed – conserving business rules and your internal guidelines at the same time.

Please ask our experts for a life case demo, case studies, and more.

Legal process

Typically legal processes within a bank can be broken down into a workout, another court, and non-court activities. Meanwhile, advances with process automation have been most impressive at workout processes, digital case exchange with outsourced lawyers, tracking their work, and digital interaction with all stakeholders have transformed legal / workout departments from a cost center into a revenue-making machine.

Please ask our experts for a life case demo, case studies, and more.

Risk and Compliance process

Our digital competencies have matured with implementing risks and compliance processes at University Medical Centres with over 8.500 employees. Every risk or every compliance missed can mean a life loss.

Transferring this knowledge and wide expertise into a banking environment, we have not only helped our banks to achieve the highest international banking standards but also greatly reduced operational, legal, and financial risks, where possible.
The first step for reducing the risk is properly identifying it, so by asking for more information you are on the right path.

Please ask our experts for a life case demo, case studies, and more.

Financial and General processes

Financial and General departments are usually burdened with tons of day-to-day processes (like confirmation of invoices, financial reservations, legal reservations, contract management, etc.) and are usually supported by a plethora of different applications. Having a unified platform for all business processes greatly improves corporate process governance, reduces the risks, and speeds up all supporting activities within your organization.

Please ask our experts for a life case demo, case studies, and more.
For every process, we have a life case demo and cast studies. Please ask our experts to share with you a specific processes brochure, demo, and cast studies. We work only on projects, where we can ensure our customers and our selves return of investment within a year.

For more information, don’t hesitate to ask our experts.


• Nova KBM d.d. (Slovenia)
• Addiko Bank d.d. (Slovenia)
• ProCredit bank d.d. (Serbia)
• Sberbank d.d. (Serbia)
• Erste bank d.d. (Serbia)
• HETA d.d. (Slovenia)
• DUTB d.d. (Slovenia)
• Probanka d.d. (later acquired)
• Abanka d.d. (later acquired)
• PBS d.d. (later acquired)