ShakeSpeare® Banking

ShakeSpeare® has been used in banking environment for over 10 years. In 12 different banks in 3 different countries, our software suite (BPM and DMS) is used daily, sometimes by over 500 personnel simultaneously.

Legal department

Each bank has a very demanding legal department, where ShakeSpeare® automatically takes care of all the legal processes. ShakeSpeare® understands the workflows of legal cases for you, enables on-line collaboration with external lawyers and systemizes and automatizes legal tasks. Achieve zero-tolerance to human-errors in your legal department.


Loans and credits can be a very demanding business process. In the case of a micro-credit or a classical loan, there can be more than 10 different people – and sometimes even up to 40 – involved in the process. Not only to coordinate all the data and documents, but also to reduce risk, BPM is usually heavily implemented inside each bank.

Business process

In today’s hardened economic environment, basically any business process within a financial institution can become an important and vital part of the company.

Key benefits

  • Lower administrational costs due to dynamic configuration (reconfiguration done by banking personnel)
  • Speed-up business processes
  • Increased transparency in business processes
  • Increase in quality of services due to strict business rules
  • Reduced fraud risk