Fear over digitalization

Every company faces some major changes in the years of their existence. With the growth of the company we face the need to have new job openings, employ new staff, find bigger offices and implement new tools to the business process.  All these new processes come with more paperwork. When the massive amount of paper documents starts to accumulate, you will need new employees who know how to process the current situation. When your company is facing deadlines, panic occurs and you start thinking of another new business process. In most cases people turn to digitization and the entire process of digitalization.

Regardless the area of expertise, the beginning is always the same. Make a plan and make a commitment to expand your business. Try taking a consultant to get you started. If you are a company that is reluctant to invest in the movement that is occurring around you, you will be surpassed by competitors. It is necessary to make an investment. Lack of knowledge is left to the specialists.

The next barrier you might face is the resistance among the employees, mainly because it means a change in their job roles. Not only will they have to learn a new technology, but maybe they will not be needed anymore. Usually they do not realize that dealing with automatization and digitalization is dealing with fewer errors and that all the processes in the company are running faster. It is up to them to show an interest in the company’s growth and help in the transition.

Usually it means that their role in the company will change presumably towards the workplace that was not required until now. By implementing a new way of thinking and a new way of doing business you will save money during the entire process. In the end you will be able to offer your expertise and your products with lower process cost but deliver a better customer service.

The process to the digitized solutions is fast and easy. Not understanding it does not make it undoable. The first step always involves the scanning of documents and arranging them by owners. All the documents are easily accessed. For the documents that need to be answered, you can set automatic reminders so that you do not miss the important deadlines. Important documents are sent directly to the managers of the company. One great added value is that people are also informed about the important documents even when they are not in the office.

Imagine that you are in a meeting with a business partner or with a client. Since you can now access your documents from your computer or your smart phone, you can make important decisions during the meetings. Your co-workers can also prepare invoices and contracts that can be signed directly at the meeting. They just drop them in the system. The best part is that you can access your documents from wherever you are and you do not need to rush to the office to sign the important papers or permits.

With the help of an impeccable document system that works for you, the answer to all your problems is just a click away. Or as we like to say: the solution is only a ShakeSpeare® away.