1. INSPIS User Group

On Thursday, 21 June, we organized the first meeting of INSPIS users, where we presented the development guidelines for 2020 and examined the compatibility with the GDPR. Our INSPIS users presented good practices and exchanged knowledge of specific uses. The debate was very interesting and educational. The workshop was positively received by the participants who will likely join the working group again. The meetings were attended by representatives of the inspectorates, and we jointly discussed the current topics

Thanks to all the participants.

We will organize a future user group for lawyers and legal services – users of ShakeSpeare® Legal in September.

“Our CEO – Ernest Žejn – speaks about building ecosystems together with the customers in sustainable management practice for our German partners.”

LPP corporation

Last week we got an order for LPP Slovenia (LPP is an international Polish fashion corporation with over 22.000

With this LPP corporation will be using ShakeSpeare® in Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia and will be the most geographically spread installation of ShakeSpeare® to date.