Annual ShakeSpeare® Partner Seminar

This year, more than ever, digital collaboration tools and business process optimizations and automation are becoming a CRUCIAL BUSINESS function in organizations across the globe. With the annual ShakeSpeare® partner seminar we will drive you through this digital highway, from business requirements in BPMN to business concepts in business processes, good practices, and total digital automation. Our speakers will share on-hand experience from implementing business processes, automating business processes, and present you with case studies across different fields.

Due to COVID-19, this year it will be in the format of a series of webinars and interactive e-workshops, so you have no excuse not to attend!

At the end of the seminar, you will become a certified BPM/BPA expert, so please immediately reserve June 17th to June 19th, 2020 in your calendar and let us know you’re coming on or via +386 1 565 33 46.


PC Press News about us

We are delighted to announce that PC Press News wrote about us and our partner Go Pro.

Breakfast with ShakeSpeare®

On Thursday, October 24, 2019, the Annual Meeting of ShakeSpeare® Legal Software Users was organized at the IBM Slovenia Information Center, Crystal Palace, Ljubljana. At the event, we presented the innovations and guidelines for the digitization of legal work in general and the planned development of our software tools in 2020. We also listened to participants in their wishes and needs for the future. This year’s event has given us a head start for next year and we look forward to seeing you again.






New offices

We are finishing the year in style!
Our new offices!!!
Žejn Group has moved to new bigger offices, new address Letališka street 32 3rd floor.
Welcome to visit us!


The term »shortage« is contradictory to the current situation in our economy. However, when put into context, a better picture emerges. What we are facing in Slovenia are insufficient human resources, which, given the increased workload and outdated operating procedures and designs, are unable to meet even local demands. Incapacitated organisations are pointing out in unison how the labour market is, on the one hand, not enough diverse regarding the classification of occupations, and, on the other hand, inadequately represented regarding certain occupations. This leads some businesses, though already involved in the painstaking process of introducing and training new employees, which by itself involves certain risks, to also resort to poaching good employees from other companies.

The automatization of processes – for example those processes which provide the management with tangible data, but are only taking up the employees’ time that should be spent on actual work tasks – enables the companies to increase their added value. This means that an increased workload with new orders can be successfully handled with existing human resources given that manual labour (e.g. manual input of data) is automated. Of even greater importance is a well-thought out definition of the process by which the positive and negative courses are defined. Time saved enables the accomplishment of other tasks, which require more time and expertise.

Introducing tools which enable successful automatization is impossible without the effort of the organization looking to implement such tools, and also cannot be accomplished overnight. The tools must be simple to use and flexible, so they can be adapted to the current state and functioning of the organization.

Now is the time, in the peace before the storm, to pave the way that will lead to increased added value and a stronger competitive position. The burden of performing usually unwelcome tasks will be lifted from the employees, bringing about a greater work satisfaction and generally reducing the possibilities of employees transitioning to other organizations, again increasing the added value.

A shortage – when it’s time to bloom – creates opportunities for everyone.

Partner seminar 2018

Partner seminar 2018

ŽEJN Group is inviting all the partners to our annual partner seminar. On 17th of April, you can join us for the webinar and from 19th till 20th April you can join us for the lectures which will be held in Ljubljana. The lectures will be held by our software engineers and sales experts.

For all the information you can contact us on or on 01 565 33 46.

Partner seminar Žejn Group

Partner seminar 2018 Agenda


We have finished our first integration between DATEV and ShakeSpeare® 4.9.DATEV is Germany’s by far largest Software vendor of ERP for Accountants and has over 7.000 employees.

DATEV has been pleasantly surprised by flexibility, functionality of our solution as well as dedication and quality of our team. DATEV agreed that ShakeSpeare® has their full support at selling solution as DATEV compliant.

Increasing the recovery of insolvency proceedings or insolvent mozzarella

Making excellent mozzarella requires a sufficient amount of milk, patience and accuracy.

It is important that the right raw material is used in the manufacturing, but also that the correct quantities are measured out and added to the mixture at the appropriate times. The milk must be whole, the rennet must be added at a suitable time in exactly the ri

ght amount, and the temperature of the mix must never exceed the prescribed limits.

If we have followed the procedure correctly, we will enjoy the pleasures of fresh mozzarella.

Insolvency proceedings are similar.

In the flood of notifications we must find those which are really important for us. The content must be added to the correct examples and appropriately timed. It is important that the notices which are crucial for us are exposed and can be transferred to the case to which they relate, and can also be equipped with additional information (e.g. date of final decision).

We must also keep in mind automation and team work. Automation makes it possible for our digital systems to perceive and adequately judge just on the basis of the reference number or insolvent partner alone, whether a case is important for us or not. When dealing with important cases, the system must properly alert our co-workers, who have to work as a team and make sure our organization responds appropriately to announcements of insolvency even in case of leave or other absences. 

If we have followed this advice, we will be rewarded with a greater recovery, less administrative work and a smaller risk of overlooking important announcements.

The correct tools and raw materials are already available; the only question is when are you going to start using them. One of the systems which allow complete digitalization is ShakeSpeare®, and you can order a free test licence online right away:

And Bon Appetite!