Business Process Management and Automation (BPM/BPA)

Recently a lot of companies started to adopt Industry 5.0[1] automation and data exchange standards just to learn that instead of reducing work their colleagues had to work more.

From scanning to double input of data, to waiting for some of the IT systems to process the data, the adaptation to Industry 5.0 was often complemented with additional work, rather than work optimization. To avoid such a scenario ShakeSpeare® BPM/BPA Software is designed to use Augmented Intelligence (AI)[2] for the most demanding tasks (like text recognition). No more repetitive and tedious tasks for your colleagues, trying to read printed documents, instead let AI determine what kind of document it is, how important it is, and schedule it automatically within your organization.

Initiating process optimization with workflow design mimicking sequential activities Shakespeare® BPM further encourages progression through tasks by sending the participants reminders of their tasks’ status and due date; consequently, they tend to perform faster and accomplish goals more consistently. ShakeSpeare® BPM is used in a wide variety of organizations, from banks, insurance companies, governments, national agencies, medical centers, hospitals, consulting companies, law firms, manufacturing companies, and major retailers.

Once implemented and integrated, ShakeSpeare® BPM Software Solution provides a complete mesh of knowledge, usage scenarios, and tools for the optimization of the business processes automation. It features:

● Visual BPM Editor
● Empowering process owners to envision and design their processes in a visual way.
● User-configurable Business Rules
● Mobile Camera Support
● Smart Templates
● Preparation of the letters, documents, and any kind of mass prepared – documents.
● Integration with Microsoft tools
● Tight integration with OCR technology
● Tight integration with Dashboards, Business Intelligence, Reports GDPR compliant revision trails



[2] The capability of Augmented intelligence is offered through ABBYY® FlexiCapture® innovative technology

Business Process Automation


● helps with automation of Business Processes
● has a unique user-oriented BPM implementing BPA with strong streamlining capacities
● integrates with external DMS or provides integrated DMS
● robotize processes and integrates with RPA and OCR

Tipical industries and use cases

As Business Processes are very adverse, different segments heavily rely upon ShakeSpeare® in their everyday work, like:

● Finances (Invoice processor, Loan Originating Process)
● eSourcing (Needs management, Procurement, Contract Management, …)
● Human Resource Management (Absence management, Travel orders, Annual reviews, …)
● Full automation of law offices
● General Offices (Digital Mailroom,…)
● Quality assurance
● Health Care (Clinical Registers, Deviations, Integrated Clinical Pathways,…) and many more.

Half an hour rollout

With a minimal technical background, your process stakeholders can envision, design, test, and execute always new business processes within your organization in under

At the same time, your organization is building a repository of business processes, which is BPMN standardized, meaning that your next ISO 9001 will be that much faster and easier.


When the process is not running smoothly / it is deviating from its envisioned path, ShakeSpeare® has build-in robust mechanisms not only to track business process execution but to escalate such deviations across the organization.

Mechanism of escalations can:

● Generate new documents
● Prepare and send e-mails
● Prepare and send SMSes
● Automatically execute other processes or subprocesses
● Generate reports and track KPIs

Compliancy and Security

As ShakeSpeare® is being used by European banks and European Medical Centers, compliancy and of utmost importance.

ShakeSpeare® is compliant with:

● eIDAS – compliant with European Directive electronic IDentification Authentication and trust Services (EU Regulation 910/2014 of 23 July 2014)
● GDPR – compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (EU Regulation 2016/679 of 25 May 2018)
● MOREQ – compliant with MoReq2
● OASIS – compliant with LegalXML
● ISO 16175 – compliant with ISO 16175
● BPMN – compliant with BPMN version 2.0
● OWASP – compliant with security guidelines OWASP Top 10 – 2017
● ISO 20022 – compliant with ISO 20022
● ISO 20026 – compliant with ISO TS-20026 (GS1 EANCOM® / EDIFACT)
● 509 – compliant with PKI standards

The solution has regular penetration and security tests performed. Please ask our experts for further information, such as Security WhitePaper, Technical Whitepaper, or other material, it might help you understand better ShakeSpeare® innovative BPM/BPA ecosystem.