Electronic document system

Save your documents in electronic form and connect them to the accounting application

Shake Accountant is an IT system (framework) hidden to end users of financial applications (ERP). It allows you to add and review documents (incoming and outgoing invoices, orders, delivery notes, …) related financial events. Using Shake Accountant your everyday tasks will became faster, because will you no longer need to search paper documents in cabinets or even basements. Shake Accountant makes you focused on professional tasks instead on rutine manual paper handling.

Simple use of Shake Accountant

When adding a business event a button for scanning a document appears in the form of an accounting application. You can either scan the documents or if you are using e-invoices you can simply attach them from your desktop and they will be immediately uploaded to the document system. Whenever you open a business event images of documents related to this business event automatically appear on a second monitor. It only takes a few clicks to print or email your chosen documents.


Liquidation of received invoices

Shake Accountant system enables an easy and efficient implementation of business processes. Using the business process editor you can easily adjust the liquidation process of received invoices to your company’s requirements. ShakeInvoiceProcessor is available for more information regarding the liquidation process of invoices.


Using ShakeAccountant system in the cloud (paperless accounting)

The ShakeAccountant system can also be used as a cloud service. This means there is no need to install a server, and your documents are stored in a safe location in Slovenia, which is also used by most Slovenian commercial banks, and backup copies are provided. Using the cloud service is affordable, because you only pay for the service in terms of actual use, based on the number of documents and the number of users.


Shake Accountant and accounting services

The ShakeAccountant system is also suitable for accounting services. Users of accounting services use the web application to attach received documents and equip them with metadata. Documents are transferred to the accounting service that processes them. According to Shake’s user experience we save up to 40% of time needed to manipulate the documents (time saved locating the physical documents).


Useful for financial and accounting services

With the ShakeAccountant application we have linked accounting programs (ERP) and document systems. All documents we receive (invoices, delivery notes, order forms…) are scanned and imported into the document system ShakeSpeare®. When an event is selected in the accounting program, the documents to which the event relates are automatically displayed on the second monitor. When clicking on the received invoice we immediately see the image of the invoice. In this way we avoid time-consuming search for documents in folders.


Installing the program, using the cloud

The Shake Accountant application can also be used as a cloud service, which means there is no need for a server and system maintenance. The documents are stored in a safe location, and the service is easy to use and affordable. Payment for the service is consumption-based; the two criteria are number of users and disk space use.

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