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Coders, programmers, developers – we want you!

Are you an aspiring programmer with great ideas you think the world should know about, you speak Java fluently and want to join a team of like minded people? Are you a solution architect with a keen eye for details and want teammates that will help you achieve the peak of your career?

Be a co-creator of the amazing future that Žejn Group is writing and join CODEMANIA – your next job opportunity competition. Not only do you get to win a nice prize, you also get to know the amazing team behind it AND win yourself a great job!


Žejn Group invites you to join a top-notch tech team where you’ll gain cutting-edge knowledge transfer, stimulating reimbursement and an amazing chance for personal growth. Add to that a healthy, positive, and relaxed working environment with a dynamic work schedule and the possibility to co-create tomorrow.

What do you need to do to join them?

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