Health-care oriented solutions (Shake MediTX and Shake Registry)

Central solution for Clinical Pathways and Registers, when you want:

– to have a central repository and an informational solution for clinical pathways;
– to model and enable execution of clinical pathways via different HIS (Hospital Informational Systems) and other expert medical systems;
– to model and interact clinical pathways with Patient Records within CIS/HIS or National Record Archives and LIMS systems;

What is ShakeSpeare® – Shake MediTX

– Shake MediTX is a Workflow platform, specialized in Clinical Pathways;
– it supports Clinical Pathways of any Clinical Specialty;

What is ShakeSpeare® – Shake MediTX

– increases the treatment’s quality (system monitors different health indicators, calculates others and offers doctors professional help from world-wide experience in the field);
– superb application support – out-of-the-box product used world wide, specialized knowledge in Clinical Pathways and health-care registries (members of EPA, implemented different Clinical Pathways in 4 countries);
– lowers the costs (better distribution, advanced analysis, identifying unnecessary bottle-necks etc.);
– decreases the administrative tasks (semi-automatic import of Laboratory Analyses, direct HIS integration etc.);