Mobile Inspector

Mobile inspector was developed for the Market Inspectorate under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Administration. The purpose of the tool is the performance of on-site audits and inspections for various inspections.

The tool is an evolution of the ShakeSpeare® software for conformity assessment and inspection businesses enabling faster reporting and auditing with a central methodology management system enabling report validation, delivery to the client, and invoicing in real-time.

This solution is what we offer to any organization that audits or inspects various works, suppliers and we offer it in combination with our cloud solutions or as on-site installation for clients that require the data does not leave their organization at any time.

The main focus is on enabling clients with regular inspection activities, such as conformity assessment and inspection companies, infrastructure operators, manufacturing companies, food manufacturing, and processing organizations, and other similar organizations to make the best of their inspection processes in a digital way. The solution is interesting also for international organizations that need to ensure that the procedures are managed in accordance with operating procedures throughout various countries, regardless of the continent. Deliverables for the clients of such organizations need to be structured and methodology unified for the global market. With a Mobile inspector a tool is made available that combines all three participating entities – company or entity that is the subject of inspection, the inspecting company, and the end-client.

The process from data gathering, actual inspection, and delivery of the final report to the end client or government body is digital, fast, and reliable. All data is gathered in the system available for reporting purposes to various institutions, such as i.e. European Commission or various Ministries.

A mobile inspector can be sold as an out-of-the-box product or as a custom product for larger organizations that wish to integrate the data and document flows throughout the organization, used applications, and make them available to end-clients via various portals or other means. We understand that a need for a tailor-made purpose is required and we deliver that tool where it makes the most impact – to your organization.