INSPIS user meeting

Yesterday, on September 24th, 2020, we held another meeting under strict NIJZ recommendations.

We met with representatives of users of the INSPIS inspection system and gathered at the Hotel Ribno. Some of the participants also joined us through online technology. At the regular annual meeting, we presented the innovations in more detail, and with examples of concrete use, the representatives of users of various inspectorates added real weight to the technical capabilities of INSPIS.

We thank all the participants for their active participation in the meeting, because only in this way can we together outline a true development vision.


Our Funder and CEO Ernest Žejn is a member of a Round table about »Smart services« at the Slovenian government’s conference about the future of industry and internationalization: »«.

Legal office informatisation

A lot of working habits has been changed by these unpredictable times, therefore the conclusion of lawyers and other law industry are:

– they do not have structured documentation
– have access to the documentation only physically in their office
– have a poor overview of the time spent and consequently challenges in charging for services
– exchange personal and sensitive data through risky digital channels
– they do not have a good overview of the deadlines


If we are on the threshold of the second wave, as the data show, you will undoubtedly be grateful for the experience of good practices of lawyers who have been helping to develop state-of-the-art software and use a robust and secure digital environment for decades. You can read more about the digitization of the law office, which can help you in the event of unexpected situations. For more information, please contact us at and 01 565 33 46.