Upgrade your PANTHEON

– incerase your productiveness
– digitalize your business
– enable WEB access

Be indipendent from user’s hardware/device

You can use ShakeSpeare® in Windows Application and Web Application. So even when your usesrs don’t access to directly to Pantheon, they can not only see all the business documents, but also interact with their mobile phones in different processes.

Key features

– integrated scanning
– document management system (DMS)
– business process managment (BPM)
– preconfigured mail room
– preconfigured invoice processing/confirmation
– integrated datalab patheon drivers
– OCR tehcnology
– web access
– it’s time to get on the digitalization train and rethink your back-office procesess.

Google your documents

With intelligent OCR technology, enable your coworkers to google thorough your business document in the same way, they are used to search the web. Searching best practices within your organization should be an empowering act, not a time-consuimg one.


Engage your coworkers with a system, which enables them to instantly see documents and remotely interact in business processes.
Help improve the quality of work of your accountants by giving them all connected business documents centrally
Reduce work of your administrative personnel by automatizing every-day activities within tasks, macros and processes