Given that digital tools for collaboration, optimization, and automation of business processes are becoming a critical business function in organizations around the world, like every year so far, we have successfully realized a seminar for our partners. We focused participants in-depth on the digital highway, from business requirements in BPMN to business concepts in business processes, good practices, and complete digital automation. Our lecturers shared experiences in business process implementation, business process automation, and presented case studies in various fields.

This year, the Partner seminar took place in the form of a series of webinars, through the content we met and learned about the guidelines (RoadMap) of ShakeSpeare® software. Our experts shared in-depth knowledge in the field of marketing and sales. In the second area, together with the participants, we descended into the world of business process configuration. Our long-term partners, on the other hand, have upgraded and supplemented their knowledge and tackled more complex configuration challenges.

For the acquired knowledge, after successfully passing the test, they became experts in the field of business process configuration.