Electronic document system S-Invoice

S-Invoice is a package configuration within ShakeSpeare® software which offers comprehensive confirmation and management of incoming invoices. This process enables small and large businesses to save time, reduce the scope of administration, lower the costs and increases transparency of documents.

“Without ShakeSpeare®, the last 5 years would be difficult to survive”

Borut Škerlj, Škerlj and lawyers, Lawfirm Ltd.

“In times before ShakeSpeare®™ we had to track all our cases and opened documents via different Excels and different physical documents. Now it’s all automated and we cannot imageine our life without ShakeSpeare®. This truly is optimization on so many levels.”

NKBM d.d., Maribor

“Work in our organization wihtout ShakeSpeare® would be extremly hard, I can’t image it without it.”

Krste Jaram, CEO Lonia d.d., Croatia, 1.200 employees.

    Increasing transparency

    Before an invoice can be paid it must first be liquidated (confirmed), which represents a significant burden in terms of time and administrative work. Using electronic liquidation we avoid the loss of physical invoices and invoices can be sent immediatelly without delays. Invoices can be accessed and reviewed instantly, and we can check their status and content at any time. By entering an invoice into the system, the register book of received invoices will be generated automatically.

    At the same time management and monitoring of invoice payments are facilitated, which also enables to maintain financial and budgetary control.


    OCR – Optical Character Recognition

    Recognizing printed text and tuning it into digital data has been present in the world for over 50 years, and has been intensively present in accounting throughout the world in recent years.


    Reducing errors and saving time

    Most errors occur during manual data input and transcription od invoices. Using S-inovice you can significantly reduce the number of errors, since entering invoices is quick and easy, and documents can be accessed much faster. The ability to monitor the documents and their status at any time saves you a lot of time.



    Automatic invoice recognition
    Liquidation and comprehensive invoice process, which can depend on:

    • different cost centres
    • different prices
    • different attached documents (order forms, delivery notes…)
    • different services or products billed
    • different signatures
    • possibility of integration into Core Banking or ERP systems
    • bottleneck analysis (who has most invoices needing confirmation, who takes most time to confirm invoices, how much time on average is needed to confirm invoices…)
    • critical reporting in exceptional cases (extraordinary payments, outstanding invoices…), e-mail and SMS notifications…
    • depositing into the accounting information system – general ledger
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