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In a world driven by cost-effectiveness, ready-made solutions are usually the only sensible long-term-sustainable decision. Instead to develop a new software solution for each and every client and inventing warm water along the way, using existing solutions not only speeds up the delivery time, drastically reduce implementation costs, but also simplify maintenance and care of the long-term sustainability.

ShakeSpeare® Legal

Business in the legal office is becoming increasingly complicated, complex and responsible, while the lawyers require to increase their productivity. Working in a modern law office is diverse and requires a very good knowledge of all business processes. Nowadays are flexibility and transparency, without an efficient information system, almost impossible.


Law firms are key users of digital documentation. All major transactions of each company must sooner or later be recorded in the law office, in the form of contracts (contractual registers), in negative cases in the form of court files or simply as audit and / or exposure files. For this reason, safety is crucial so that each employee works only on the work assigned to him, and at the same time the equipment reminds him of key documents, deadlines, hearings, etc., to which the employee is approaching.


is a package configuration within ShakeSpeare® software that hat offers comperhensive confirmation and management of incoming invoices. This process enables small and large businesses to save time, reduce the scope of administration, lower the costs and increases transparency of documents.

ShakeSpeare® Banking

ShakeSpeare® has been used in banking environment for over 10 years. In 12 different banks in 3 different countries, our software suite (BPM and DMS) is used daily, sometimes by over 500 personnel simultaneously.

ShakeSpeare® OCR

OCR technology is text and words recognition on scanned documents. It enables you to reduce tremendously your administrative workload of your colleagues by eliminating retyping data (for example data from your invoice into your general ledger).

ShakeSpeare® Accountant

Shake Accountant is an IT system (framework) hidden to end users of financial applications (ERP). It allows you to add and review documents (incoming and outgoing invoices, orders, delivery notes, …) related financial events. Using Shake Accountant your everyday tasks will became faster, because will you no longer need to search paper documents in cabinets or even basements. Shake Accountant makes you focused on professional tasks instead on rutine manual paper handling.


In the desire to improve the quality of health services, computerized clinical pathways (Clinical Pathways) and electronic registers are increasingly being used. For both needs, the ShakeSpeare® framework is used, which, with special modifications for medical expertise, allows the establishment of a new registry or a new clinical pathway in just 10 minutes.

ShakeSpeare® QMS

To ensure quality of products and services organizations must always adapt and follow strict rules of quality assurance and compliance. With global competition and high turnover employee rates, often high growth and demand for better productivity managing a quality system becomes a difficult task. With our solutions risk, compliance and quality management rules are respected, human error is reduced. When new procedures are accepted, implementing them via our solution is fast and efficient enabling organizations to adapt quickly to the market requirements. Weather you need it for internal use or to make quality assessments of your suppliers or even the entire supply chain, we are here with our solutions to assist you ensure the top-notch quality you need to deliver best value to clients.

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